April 2017


Welcome to the Editors Victoria April newsletter. This month, our president Jackey Coyle urges members to consider joining the committee to replace retiring members and we put science editor Sally Woollett under the Q&A spotlight.

We keep up with news on the IPEd conference, hear back from the Gippsland editors, welcome new members, share stories from the past month’s social media activities and enjoy our regular typo, etymology and world wide web snippets.


Report from the President

Autumn in Victoria – glorious. As we head into the second quarter of the calendar year, the shorter days and cooler nights give us the rest time we need now that the work year is well and truly underway.

Here at Editors Victoria we’ve had our second committee meeting for the year. As it was the first executive committee meeting, talk leaned heavily towards strategy and future direction. First, as always, what is it that we can do to best serve our Victorian members? Where do we align ourselves as a branch of a national body, yet as a proud independent force in the shaping of Melbourne, City of Literature? Our transition to a branch of IPEd has opened up new discussions and highlighted the differences in working as a volunteer organisation combined with national staffing.


6 April Dinner Meeting: Our Bodies, Ourselves (Bookings Close Today)

Last year, we learned how to take care of our taxes. This year, let's focus on ourselves. Dr Claire Richardson from Chadstone Region Osteopathy will be joining us to talk about stress, work, and the small changes we can implement to keep our laptop-using, small-text-reading, desk-chair-sitting, deep-thought-thinking bodies as healthy and as strong as possible.

Register at the MEMNET portal.

Conference Update: Billeting and Networking

Advancing Our Profession Logo Horizontal 2

Keep up to date with news of the IPEd conference on the conference committee's blog or follow them on twitter @IPEd_Conf. They’ve recently announced the option of being billeted with Brisbane editors – a great way to meet up with the locals and save money.

The Monthly Q&A: Sally Woollett

Sally Woollett AE is a science editor who started her career in-house with a science magazine in the 1990s. She has been a freelance editor, working on science magazines, journals and in educational publishing, for 20 years. In 2013 she escaped from Melbourne’s inner north to the rolling hills of West Gippsland.

How has your month been? 

February was a rapid return to reality after the bliss of the school holidays, during which I always relish the break from routine, even though I’m usually still doing at least a bit of work. 

In the middle of the month, I renewed a contract with an existing client and gained a new client – here’s to long-term relationships! My favourite manuscript in the past little while was written by a nurse who was reflecting (with regret) on his previously uninformed attitude towards some Aboriginal patients. 


Membership Matters

We are pleased to welcome the members who have joined since our last report.

Kirsten Rawlings

Madelaine Geary

Lauren Ravida

Nicole Mathers
IPEd Membership Officer


Get Social

Our social media feeds continue to grow, with our Facebook page getting close to 1000 likes and our Twitter account almost at the 2000 followers mark!

Twitter has been particularly chatty this last month with lots of activity, mostly thanks to our esteemed newsletter editor stepping in and pumping out the tweets. #SocMediaStar

So get social, eds: interact, chat, post, respond, tweet.

Our fave tweet of the month came from @mdforrester in response to our tweet: #CMOS moving to lower case 'internet', no hyphen 'email' #catchingup


Gippsland Editors Enjoy Lunch in Warragul

A quartet of Gippsland editors met at Courthouse restaurant in Warragul on 23 March for lunch and encouragement. Over an unhurried meal, we discussed recent adventures and upheavals in our lives. We also spoke of writing, grammar, health, travel, the IPEd conference, exciting opportunities, future plans, and even reality TV. Editing did get a mention here and there, but this was more of a catch-up among friends than a meeting centred around our shared profession. We plan to get together again in a few months' time, when hopefully the full ensemble of Gippsland editors can attend. As always, anyone seeking to join us or learn more can contact Caitilin at hello@artfulwords.com.au or phone 0421 545 282.

Etymology: Otiose

deriving from the Greek for 'true' (eteos/etymos) and 'word' (logos)

Curious about the origin of a word or term? Send it to us and we shall go forth and investigate.

This unusual descriptor jumped out in a recent newspaper article. No doubt some readers will know this word, but it’s a little obscure. The surrounding words and context gave no clue as to its origins. Is it associated with ears, posture? Well, no! 

Otiose has its roots in the Latin word, otiosus – having leisure or ease, unoccupied, idle, not busy. 


World Wide Web: Games

Not that we would want you to be wasting your time playing games instead of working, but I’ve just discovered a whole source of wordy games. Ideal for people who like playing with anagrams, doing crosswords and breaking codes. In particular, Typeshift, developed in collaboration with Merriam-Webster dictionary, was recently listed in the best games of 2017 in The Verge.