Tips and Tricks: Clever Ways with Word Toolbars

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NSW editor Hilary Cadman, an MS Word tools and add-ins guru and trainer, has some brilliant suggestions in her recent blog post ‘Making the most of the QAT’.

‘The what?’ you might ask.

She’s talking about the ‘quick access toolbar’ in MS Word.

By default, this toolbar (which usually sits just above the ribbon) has only a couple of items, such as Save and Undo. You can add other commands you use frequently (or ones you consistently have trouble finding on ribbons or menus etc.)

One of Hilary’s suggestions is to add the current style. Here it is in my toolbar:


Very helpful for a quick check when you’re working with a document with somewhat randomly applied styles.

You can learn how to set that up, and other tips for getting the most out of your quick access toolbar, in Hilary’s five-minute video on her blog:

Margie Beilharz

[Corrected my geographical error: Hilary is from NSW not Queensland]

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