August 2017


Welcome to the August newsletter. For Editors Victoria, this month is dominated by the annual general meeting (AGM) on Thursday 17 August and the election of new committee and subcommittee members. Come along and hear from committee members on the achievements and activities over the past year; you can also show off your trivia knowledge in the quiz. And I hope you’ll nominate for a position if you’d like to help shape the society – lots of contributors lightens the load for all, and helps us keep up all our fantastic programs. If you've got lots of ideas for the Editors Victoria, think about taking on the role of president. To do that, you'll need to nominate for the committee as the president is chosen from committee members.

At the AGM, we’ll farewell Jackey Coyle, who is finishing up as president, Kate Cuthbert, who has been leading the events team, and Charles Houen, in his role as budget officer. Ron Thiele has also finished up as training officer. Thank you for the great work and time you’ve put in.


Report from the President

The sun is lighting up the wintry sky as I prepare this last column as president.

And, like the sun, I’m lighting up thinking of the future we envisaged three years ago, the projects we initiated and the journey we have travelled together.

When I was invited to take on this presidency, I had only a vague idea of how it would pan out, and doubted I had much to offer. Yet the ideas came, developed and quickly took flight, transforming into real initiatives in a seemingly magical way. Of course it’s not magic – it just looks that way. Behind the magic is our committee, a team of highly skilled, committed individuals who brainstorm ideas, knock them into shape and work hard to make those ideas happen. And that’s how Editors Victoria has served its members for almost 47 years.


Join us on the Editors Victoria Committee

We’re seeking four new members on the Editors Victoria committee, to look after events, training, mentorship and budget. The events officer is on the executive committee, so needs to be a professional member or honorary life member of the society. Other roles can be filled by professional, associate or student members.

Also, the president is elected by the committee members from among themselves, so if you are interested in being president please do nominate for the committee. 

All sort of processes and programs are already in place for each area, so the task isn’t daunting – it’s an opportunity to get together with other editors and help make the society great for our members (it’s hard not to write ‘make Editors Victoria great again’, but let’s not go there).


Upcoming Dinner Meetings

AGM and Trivia Night

Our August meeting combines our AGM and our famous (and much missed) trivia night. Come as a team, come on your own, come and help shape your organisation for the future.

Thursday 17 August
6pm (for 6.30pm); dinner to be served at 6:45pm
Members free of charge, affiliate members $32, non-members $40
CQ Functions, 113 Queen St (cnr Lt Collins St), Melbourne
More info and register at the MEMNET portal
Bookings close Monday 14 August


July Freelance Get-Together

Our event on Wednesday 26 July was the first of a new style of get-together for freelance editors; we’ll hold these at different venues and times of day, alternating with the regular lunches. Earlier this year I sought feedback from a number of freelancers, including a short survey, and also from the Editors Victoria committee – some great ideas have been put forward and I give heartfelt thanks to all who responded. Further feedback is welcome any time.

A midday event can break up the working day too much, so I decided to hold an afternoon tea in the CBD at a day-into-evening café–bar called Sun Moth. Its ‘secret’ laneway location gave us a very Melbourne experience! Ten made it an intimate gathering, which included some known and new faces. We enjoyed an excellent round of coffee, tea and cakes, from a delightful blackboard menu that had been prepared just for us complete with (intentional) typos and inconsistencies! Topics of conversation included the busyness of work for several of us (a nice problem to have), new technologies that can assist with editing (such as PerfectIt), positive feedback about the new Editors Directory and general developments with IPEd.


Gippsland Editors to Meet in Inverloch

The Gippsland group will gather again at 12 noon on Thursday 3 August at Jjara’s Farm Gate, Café and Winery in Inverloch. It’s been a while since we last met, so we are looking forward to sharing each other’s company and enjoying yet another delightful location in our region. Anyone wishing to join us or learn more can contact Caitilin on 0421 545 282 or email

SciFlyers Want You!

Editing science and flying solo? Join a squadron of like-minded aces to debrief (aka talk shop nonstop). Currently, we rendezvous every three months on a Friday morning in the northern suburbs at a café or in a member’s home, but flights to all points of the compass are possible. With more than the present 12 members, there are plans to offer informal science-related professional development. No costs involved other than for your victuals.

Interested? Contact Kerry at GHQ 0402 614 888 or

2017 IPEd Conference: Social Opportunities

IPEdConf 2017

Dust off your best grammar jokes, people. Opportunities to mingle with like-minded word-lovers are on the agenda at the 8th IPEd National Editors Conference in Brisbane this September.

Not only can you hone your skills through pre-conference workshops and soak up knowledge with dozens of sessions, there’s also a chance to glam up and make new friends.

Included in your registration fee is the welcome reception on Wednesday evening at Rydges South Bank. Sit in the warm evening air with a cool drink as you watch the lights of Brisbane city at the rooftop bar and chat to people who understand your firm position on the Oxford comma.


Planning for the 2019 IPEd Conference

Did you know the 2019 national IPEd conference will be hosted by Editors Victoria in Melbourne? Would you like to join your fellow editors in creating a GREAT conference in this fabulous city of ours, the City of Literature? From guest speakers to conference streams to workshops, your ideas could become reality.

At the moment, the conference organising committee is in the very early stages of planning. Most of our communication is done using a closed Facebook group, but we are meeting in real life at 5pm on Thursday 17 August at CQ (an hour before the AGM and trivia night dinner). If you are interested in helping, or just want to say hello, come along and join us.

IPEd National Mentoring Program Update

Below is an article by Elizabeth Manning Murphy and Ted Briggs about the National Mentoring Program. Thanks to the Canberra Society of Editors (CSE) for sharing the article, which was first published in their newsletter, The Canberra editor.

First, though, a word from Louise Zedda-Sampson.

Thank you, Elizabeth and Ted, for another great article and for introducing the state coordinators. This month, I’m in it with Geoff Dawson, CSE. It’s also the month I need to call for a replacement, which is unfortunate timing considering I am nationally introduced. If anyone is interested in volunteering for this position, please contact me at and I can have a chat with you about what the position entails. The role really only requires a few hours every fortnight, attendance at coordinators' meetings over Skype and reporting to the Editors Victoria committee (in person or by written report as you are able), and is a very personally rewarding experience.