IPEd National Mentoring Program Update

Below is an article by Elizabeth Manning Murphy and Ted Briggs about the National Mentoring Program. Thanks to the Canberra Society of Editors (CSE) for sharing the article, which was first published in their newsletter, The Canberra editor.

First, though, a word from Louise Zedda-Sampson.

Thank you, Elizabeth and Ted, for another great article and for introducing the state coordinators. This month, I’m in it with Geoff Dawson, CSE. It’s also the month I need to call for a replacement, which is unfortunate timing considering I am nationally introduced. If anyone is interested in volunteering for this position, please contact me at mentorship@editorsvictoria.org and I can have a chat with you about what the position entails. The role really only requires a few hours every fortnight, attendance at coordinators' meetings over Skype and reporting to the Editors Victoria committee (in person or by written report as you are able), and is a very personally rewarding experience.

It’s great to be part of something that helps develop and strengthen the editing profession by developing and enriching editors' skills and abilities.

Louise Zedda-Sampson
IPEd Victorian Mentorship Coordinator

From The Canberra editor:

Next Steps for Our Program

Since we last met in these pages, there have been a couple of developments that we hope all readers will be interested in.

First, the ‘management team’ of the program has now been convened as a standing committee of IPEd, with Ted Briggs AE and Elizabeth Manning Murphy DE as joint chairs and remaining joint national coordinators of the program. The state coordinators around Australia comprise the rest of the committee. The resolution below was passed at IPEd Council’s meeting in November 2016.

Resolution: That the IPEd Mentoring Standing Committee be convened with its members consisting of branch mentoring coordinators of the mentoring program and jointly chaired by Ted Briggs and Elizabeth Manning Murphy as national mentoring coordinators.

Second, our bid to host a panel discussion about mentoring at the IPEd conference in Brisbane this year was accepted. Ted and Elizabeth will host the discussion on Friday afternoon, 15 September, with panellists consisting of two mentors of editors (Carolyn Leslie and Lorna Hendry, both from Victoria) and their respective mentees, Simone Beever and Kate Hawkins, plus Marisa Wikramanayaka (WA) joining the panel to discuss mentoring for writers. We hope that some of the state coordinators on the standing committee will be able to attend the conference and join in part of the discussion. In any event, coordinators plan to have lunch together on that Friday and, as our presentation is the last before afternoon tea, we hope conference delegates will take the opportunity to talk to us over a cuppa about mentoring and being mentored in our program.

More About Our State Coordinators

In this issue of The Canberra editor, we are featuring two more state coordinators: Geoff Dawson, our ACT coordinator in the Canberra Society of Editors – always one of the smaller groups in Australia; and Louise Zedda-Sampson who looks after the interests of the program in Victoria – no mean feat as Victoria is the largest branch of IPEd. Here they are, in photos and words, for you to meet.

GeoffDawsonGeoff Dawson writes: ‘I’ve had a varied career as a language teacher, a historic buildings specialist, and for many years a researcher, writer and editor in parliamentary committees. In 2014 I decided to go back to my first love, language. I now divide my time between freelance non-fiction editing and editing Hansard transcripts of the Australian Parliament. My special interests are making technical topics more accessible to general readers and teaching grammar in a way that is most useful to time-poor adults who want to improve their writing skills. If you’re interested in being either a mentor or a mentee in the ACT, I’d love to talk to you.’ To contact Geoff, email geoffdawsoneditor@gmail.com.

LouiseZeddaSampsonLouise Zedda-Sampson is a freelance writer and editor with a passion for clear communication and the written word. She has a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing and writes fiction and non-fiction; her writing interests range from horror to history. Her editing interests have been an assortment of survivor stories, business documents, intergalactic wars, psychology papers, and fictional tales of the Aztec underworld. As the current IPEd Mentorship Coordinator for Editors Victoria, and a former mentee, Louise sees the value in the Mentoring Program and enjoys the role of helping mentees and mentors to find a suitable match. Louise says, ‘The mentoring program allowed me to develop my confidence and my skills. I had an excellent mentor, and without this guidance I would not be where I am today. I’m forever grateful for the kindness and encouragement shown by my mentor that has assisted me to be a better editor, and I enjoy helping others to obtain the same result.’ To contact Louise, email mentorship@editorsvictoria.org.

We hope to bring you two more state coordinators next issue. Meantime, here are the email addresses of the rest of the team – wherever you are reading this article, do contact the coordinator in your state for information about the IPEd National Mentoring Program:

Elizabeth Manning Murphy DE emmurphy.words@gmail.com 
with Ted Briggs AE tedbriggs@grapevine.com.au 
Joint National Coordinators