August 2017

What's On

This month there are so many other events you might be interested in that I had to put together this What’s On guide.

Love Your Bookshop Day

The Australian Booksellers Association has created ‘Love your bookshop’ day, and encourages everyone to celebrate books and booksshops on Saturday 12 August. You can find events online and share your bookshop love on social media with the #whyIlovemybookshop hashtag.

Melbourne Writers Festival

Beginning later this month, the Melbourne Writers Festival (25 August to 3 September) brings dozens (hundreds?) of authors and thousands of readers to Federation Square and other venues for a feast of writing and publishing. In such a crowd, there will always be editors, and here are some you might be interested in:


Tips and Tricks: Online Plagiarism

1024px Reess Cyclopaedia P

From time to time, editors find content from their website being used by others online. Whether it’s your description of services offered, posts you’ve written about editing, or your business name appearing to be associated with another business, it doesn’t do you any good and may actually harm your business. Sometimes the copying is outright plagiarism of content, sometimes your content may have been collected by a ‘web scraper’ tool – these collect content from the web for various purposes, and can collate it into new web pages (like the ones that show you the cheapest price for an item or that gather real estate listings).

I was reminded about this the other day when I was listening to a recent episode of the Recipe for SEO Success podcast by Kate Toon. In an episode dealing with the search engine optimisation (SEO) implications of duplicate content, she has some suggestions and resources for dealing with unauthorised duplication of your material.


Get Social

This month, we hit 1000 likes on Facebook so I celebrated with this pic (after waiting nervously as the milestone approached so I could post it). My aim is to keep up the posts on topics of interest, society news, fun stuff and editing jobs, so we’re both useful and entertaining.

If you’d be a great Facebook (or Twitter) wrangler for Editors Victoria, think about nominating for the communication subcommittee. We’d like another member (or two) to keep the communication flowing; it needn't involve social media if that's not your thing.


On other communication matters, the topic of recommended rates of pay came up recently in discussion on Secret Editors' Business, so we discussed it at the July executive meeting. I was pleased to hear that IPEd have it in their sights as part of the implementation of the strategic plan they have developed. We’ll have to wait for details, but rest assured that progress is underway.

Margie Beilharz
Communication Officer 

Membership Matters

We are pleased to welcome the members who have joined since our last report.

Krista Mogensen
Natalie Craig
Paula Wagemaker
Erin Schwarz

Rachel Devine

Sarah Graham
Naomi Johnson

Nicole Mathers
IPEd Membership Officer

Training Update

We’re putting together a handful of courses for the second half of the year, and will provide details as they are finalised. We are looking at both new courses and repeats of popular courses.

And don’t forget that we’re looking for a new training officer for Editors Victoria – you can contact Nicole if you’re interested in planning our future training.

Etymology: Desk

deriving from the Greek for 'true' (eteos/etymos) and 'word' (logos)

Curious about the origin of a word or term? Send it to us and we shall go forth and investigate.



As editors, we spend hours at this sacred spot. We might be keyboard queens and kings when it comes to style, but we are also desk jockeys, desk monkeys, desk wallahs and desk warriors.   

So how many of you eat al desko? This newish phrase is almost self-explanatory, and something most editors are guilty of at some point. 

Put your hand up if you have eaten lunch at your desk in the last week? Congratulations to those disciplined time management gurus who schedule breaks. And the rest of us? Well, those deadlines require sacrifice. And best not to dwell on what’s living beneath the keyboard!

So where does the word desk come from? 


World Wide Web: Australian of the Year

Know any great editors? The National Australia Day Council is looking for Australians who are doing outstanding things. The Awards rely on members of the public to nominate, so the Council encourages you to consider putting someone forward in your networks for the 2018 Awards.

Think about if there’s someone who deserves a nomination – whether an editor or another fab person. More details at Nominations close 6 August 2017.

Typo of the Month

Spotted by our eagle-eyed editor on the hunt, Susan Pierotti.

Huner and Storge SusanP