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At the conference, I was able to meet up with communication and newsletter officers from the other IPEd branches, and with Mary-Anne Came, the IPEd comms officer. We had a short meeting during an afternoon tea break – not long enough to make serious plans, but enough time to share our thoughts. In brief, there was a lot of support for reducing duplication of effort in the branches by moving towards a single website (with branch pages) and national newsletter (with branch columns for local news and activities).

These steps would help convey the fact that we are branches of a national organisation – something that’s not very clear to date. IPEd is planning to set up a working group of communication officers to rationalise our communication efforts, so I look forward to that getting started.

Another tip I’ve already acted upon since the conference is to use a tool called IFTTT to increase our social media impact without extra effort – by sharing selected Facebook posts to Twitter (IFTTT was recommended by Marisa Wikramanayake and is explained on her blog).

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be getting together with the communication subcommittee for a planning meeting. Our subcommittee members are Sally Holdsworth, Susan Pierotti, Anastasia Fountain, Megan Ang and Gershon Maller – and I’m looking forward to working with them to communicate with you (our members) and the wider world (clients, related industries, government and the public).

Our top Twitter mention this month was, not surprisingly, conference-related:

Top mentionTwitter

The Facebook post that generated the most chuckles contained some inspired book dedications:


Margie Beilharz
Communication Officer