Editors Victoria Committee 2017–18

This is the list of our current committee members.


President: TBC

Vice-President: Mary-Jo O’Rourke

Events: Sally McInnes

Secretary: Charles Houen

Freelance Affairs: Mary-Jo O’Rourke

Communication: Margie Beilharz

Professional Development (PD): Maryna Mews


Events: Zoi Juvris, Jessica Hoadley, AJ Collins, Danielle Vecchio

Training (PD): Pam Firth (Training Officer), Michelle Manly, Tegan Ang

Mentorship (PD): Maryna Mews

Accreditation Board (PD): Steph Heriot

Communication: Sally Holdsworth, Susan Pierotti, Anastasia Fountain, Gershon Maller, Tegan Ang

Professional Development: Danielle Vecchio

Budget: Marnie Hannagan, Anne Gugger