I’m not 100% sure I went to the IPEd Conference. I keep looking at the program I brought back, thinking, ‘I’ll have to go to that presentation. And that one’.

And then I realise I’m back in Melbourne, the conference is over and the next one is not until May 2019 in Melbourne. (Note that in your diary, underlined, BOLD CAPS: MELBOURNE, May 2019. No excuses.)

Or maybe I went to the conference but never came back. Although that doesn’t explain what I’m doing sitting at a computer in a house in Melbourne.

So, okay, I went to the conference. It was very intense, rewarding and refreshing. I took away a nugget of knowledge from every presenter. Well, not every: two presentations would have been more use if they’d been turned into Charlie Carp. But that still leaves 28 presentations that were Not Charlie Carp.

I caught up with colleagues I see every two years, spoke with people I’ve seen around at Editors Victoria meetings before but never actually had a conversation with, and met a whole bunch of new people.

The thing that amazed me about the conference is that, when the program first came out, I flicked through it and thought it was slim pickings. It just didn’t look that interesting, and I struggled to find interesting sessions.

But at the conference it was like the program had transformed itself. It was the same program but all of a sudden there was too much choice. I know a couple of people attempted cloning themselves so they could attend two presentations at once, but I’m not sure how successful their attempts were.

So, was it worth going to Brisbane? Absolutely. Do you have anything to gain socially and professionally by going to the 2019 Melbourne IPEd Conference? Absolutely.

Philip Bryan AE