March 2018


In exciting news for our branch, today Editors Victoria gains a new president! Mary-Jo introduces our new leader, and our new IPEd councillor (that’s a clue, folks), below.

In this newsletter, the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (ANZSI) invites you to help celebrate National Indexing Day – which set me searching for a similar day for editors. It looks like we may have to create one!

We’ve got a busy calendar of meetings and training courses, including for people who are planning to take the accreditation exam in May, as well as our usual editing snippets.

One of the key messages from the panel at last week’s member meeting on the topic of finding work was that work often comes through personal contacts and networks. So I encourage you to make the most of your membership by participating in our activities and creating those vital connections.

Have a great month,

Margie Beilharz
Newsletter editor 

A New President for Editors Victoria

The Editors Victoria branch committee is very happy to announce that our new president is Dr Renée Otmar DE, who takes up the position from today, 1 March. Renée is well known to many as an active member of Editors Victoria for many years, including a term as co-president and a recent term as IPEd councillor. She has a number of projects on the agenda and will oversee the 2019 National Editors Conference in Melbourne.

The new IPEd councillor for Victoria is Susan Keogh DE, who is also a well-known and longstanding member.

The committee welcomes both of these new office-holders very warmly and looks forward to working closely with them.

Mary-Jo O'Rourke AE, Vice-President 

Branch and Group Meetings

14 March: Gippsland Editors lunch

The Gippsland gang are gathering again at 12 noon on Wednesday 14 March at the Warragul Country Club. We look forward to welcoming a new member, catching up on each other's news, and discussing all the fun things that editors do when they get together.

If you would like to join us, please contact Caitilin on 4021 545 282 or email


Finding Work

Panel discussion, Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

Panel FindingWork

(L-R) Moderator Margie Beilharz with panellists Lorna Hendry, Lu Sexton and Sandra Duncanson. Photo credit: Nicole Mathers

Whether they’re freelance or employed in-house, new to the industry or firmly established, it’s absolutely clear that editors are keen to find work. With more than fifty in attendance, this year’s first event was a smashing success.

The buzz in the room was infectious; guests gathered and mingled, eager to discover the secret to finding work. Rather than the usual sit-down dinner at CQ Functions, we were treated to finger food and drinks in a more casual format, followed by a panel discussion in a theatre-style setting. 

Moderated by our own Margie Beilharz, the panel consisted of three of our members: Lorna Hendry, Lu Sexton and Sandra Duncanson. All have extensive knowledge and experience in editing and publishing, having forged their way through the industry, and, with pens and laptops at the ready, guests were excited to learn what they had to say.


Prepare for the Accreditation Exam

The 2018 accreditation exam is fast approaching. The exam will be held on Saturday 19 May.

Early bird registration is now open. For more information and to register, go to

To help you decide if you’re ready for the exam, Editors Victoria is holding an information session tonight (1 March; bookings have closed). The IPEd Accreditation Board representative, Stephanie Heriot, Distinguished Editor Susan Keogh and candidates from the 2016 exam will discuss what to expect, how to prepare and how to know you’re ready.


Training Courses

Fiction genres

Fiction Genre Editing

with Kate Cuthbert
A brief overview of the fun and exciting world of editing genre fiction. This course will touch on the five major genres: romance, crime, fantasy, science fiction and horror. We will examine the generic conventions within each, and provide tricks and tips for smoothly navigating the immersive, if sometimes intense, waters of passionate kisses, terrifying monsters, dangerous space voyages and sinister plans.
Saturday 3 March
Regular fee: $125 (members and affiliates), $188 (non-members)
Bookings have closed


National Indexing Day

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From the Committee

The executive committee is meeting on 21 March, and we look forward to Renée Otmar chairing the meeting as our new president. Let us know if there are any issues you want to raise.

In another update, we say thank you and farewell to communication subcommittee member Anastasia Fountain, who is returning home to Perth after studying editing in Melbourne.

The conference organising committee now has over 10 volunteers willing to tackle programming, logistics, social events, communication, sponsorship and more. They’ll have their first formal meeting soon, to be chaired by Liz Steele, and we’ll bring you news as plans are firmed up.


New Members

We are pleased to welcome the members who have joined or upgraded since our last report.

Louise Correcha

Marja Stack
Barbara Lomas
Michael Ryan
James Harkness
Fotini Toso
Bonnee Crawford
Emily Hart


Tips and Tricks: Editing Indigenous Content

Aboriginal flag over water

The majority of Australian editors are not Indigenous, and even with the best of intentions many of us don’t know how to ensure that Indigenous language, themes and stories are properly and respectfully treated in work that we edit.

This issue, which arises in both fiction and non-fiction, was discussed at the 8th IPEd National Conference of Editors in Brisbane, in the ‘black&write’ session with Dr Sandra Phillips. The transcript of the session is available on the blog of the State Library of Queensland, and makes interesting reading. The article recommends the following resources and articles: