Training update

We have two more training courses this year:

  • The Freelance Editor’s Toolkit with Peter Riches, Saturday 13 October 2018. Bookings still open!
    Embrace the future and learn how the latest technologies can transform the business of being an editor.  A half-day workshop to bring your IT skills up to date.
  • Academic editing with Renée Otmar, Saturday 24 November 2018
    Develop your skills in the growing field of academic editing. This full-day workshop will cover editing theses, monographs, journal articles and miscellanies; ethics; editing the work of students and academics whose first language is not English; the Australian Standards for Editing Practice; and general style matters.

The Freelance Editor's Toolkit

with Peter Riches

10am–1pm, Saturday 13 October 2018

Peter Riches is Director and Principal Consultant of Red Pony, a technical writing and editing firm. He is interested in harnessing technology to not only improve how he writes and reviews documents, but also to run his business more efficiently, effectively and flexibly.

As editors, we use a range of tools to improve the quality of the documents we review, but there are new products coming on to the market all the time. How can you work out what's best for you and your editing business? This course is designed for self-employed editors interested in how they can use software in the execution of projects and administration of their business.

We will look at apps for Mac and PC, as well as the online tools that Peter's company, Red Pony, employs. We will discuss how you might apply these or similar tools to running your own editing business. Peter will discuss some of the tools available and will provide tips on how to research and choose the right tool for your purpose.

Book on MemNet. Bookings close Monday 8 October.

Academic editing: a workshop for novice and practising editors

with Renée Otmar

10am–4pm Saturday 24 November 2018

‘Publish or perish’ – this maxim continues to hold true in the academy, regardless of discipline. Anyone wishing to progress their academic career needs a strong record of publication. And all academics can benefit from working with a skilled professional editor.

This workshop is designed for professional editors who wish to explore the potential of developing or extending their repertoire of skills to academic editing. Starting with an overview of the research process and research methods, we will examine the range of tasks, roles and opportunities available for editors who wish to provide their services to scholars, administrators and publishers across the length and breadth of the academic world. We will discuss matters including ethical considerations in editing scholarly works for assessment and publication, finding your niche and approaches to developing and/or editing ‘crossover’ books, as well as the nuts and bolts of dealing with things like statistics, tables and graphs, images, artefacts, bibliographies and references.

Dr Renée Otmar is a consultant researcher, writer and editor who regularly teaches research methods and facilitates the development of a research culture in health services. She has qualifications and a strong record in public health research and in academic editing, among others. Renée is currently chair of IPEd’s Standing Committee on Academic Editing.

Book on MemNet. Earlybird bookings close 22 October.