From the president

by Susan Keogh DE

In the middle of August this year, the cast of the Back to the Future movies held a reunion. For those of you old enough to remember those time-travel-themed movies the first time around, you might have had a Back to the Future moment when you saw my name as Renée's successor as president. For those of you who don't know the trilogy, it was released between 1985 and 1990 – and I was on the committee of the Society of Editors (as it was then, no 'Inc.' even) when the last one was released. (And no, they weren't black-and-white movies, and yes, they did have sound.) 

I am actually delighted to rejoin the committee and I hope we can do some new and interesting things this year. Your Victorian branch committee has already created a new role, special projects, which has been taken on by the new vice-president, Susan Pierotti. The first special project will be our history, from our founding in 1971 through to the current day.  

I'm also particularly keen for us to try some new venues, not necessarily in the CBD but ones that are a bit closer to home for our members who live in the outer eastern or outer western suburbs, and even hold an event in regional Victoria.   And of course we are hosting the national conference, which is bound to be a smashing success, given that the talented Renée Otmar is devoting her energies to organising it.  (Think about delivering a paper, now!)  

On the subject of national doings, our national annual general meeting (AGM) is coming up at the end of October. You’ll receive more information about it, but one of the key activities will be to vote on revised clauses for the constitution. Yes, I know: constitutional reform – be still my beating heart.  But a sound constitution is like good health: something you take for granted until it isn't sound any more, and then you regret your disregard for it. Please read the information when it comes,  join the Australia-wide 'webinar' and vote as you choose. It's important to have your say. 

I can't believe I'm promoting a national online event; digital communication has come a looooong way since I was last on the committee. Indeed, we held our last committee meeting via the miracles of digital technology – but there is still something to be said for more old-fashioned modes. One of the things I'm keen to do over this committee's term (or what's left of it) is talk to as many of you as possible: at events, at the conference, at freelance lunches and even over the phone.  Yes, I'm one of those weird old-fashioned types who still likes to ring people, so if your phone does ring one evening or one Sunday afternoon, it could just be me, curious to find out what more you would like Editors Victoria to deliver for you.  If you'd rather clean the bathroom than speak on the phone, then feel free to email me at

Susan Keogh DE

[Update 5 October: corrected email address - if you tried without success earlier, have another go because now it will work.]