August 2019


Welcome to your August newsletter.

We're already into our last month of winter, of cosy fires and warm dinners, and all too soon it will be the smell of spring in the air when September rolls around again.

July was a significant month for Editors Victoria members as it was time to farewell its 2018-2019 committee and welcome the new 2019-2020 one to start its annual cycle in office this month. The formal process of announcing and endorsing new committee members took place at the annual branch meeting on 18 July, details of which are posted elsewhere in the newsletter.

An important event that will draw members' attention this month is the Melbourne 2019 Writers Festival, when leading national and international authors, artists, thinkers and performers all plan to be in the one place at the one time. The festival will be held in the heart of Melbourne city from 30 August to 8 September and from what I hear, many members have marked the dates off in their calendars and are planning to attend.


2019 IPEd Victorian Branch (Editors Victoria) Annual Branch Meeting

The 2019 IPEd Victorian Branch (Editors Victoria) Annual Branch Meeting (ABM), was held on Thursday 18 July 2019, at the President's Room, Rendezvous Hotel, 328 Flinders Street, Melbourne, commencing 6.00pm. There were 36 members present.

After a two-course dinner, the order of business commenced, with members accepting the 2018 ABM minutes, followed by reading and acceptance of reports presented by committee members, which included acknowledgement of the hard work and excellent efforts of the 2018–2019 committee and subcommittees.

The last item on the agenda was the announcement of nominations for appointment to the 2019–2020 committee, read out by the Returning Officer Max McMaster, and endorsement of the new committee of Editors Victoria for the 2019–2020 year.

The meeting concluded at around 9.00pm.


Committee Members 2019-2020

Announcement from the President:

As my much longer report for the ABM on the year that was is also contained in this issue, I’ll keep this very brief. I just wish to thank Max McMaster for being our honorary Returning Officer at the ABM, and all those who came.

A new committee was duly endorsed for the Victorian branch for the coming year:

Susan Keogh (President)

Susan Pierotti (Vice-President)

Sharon Lierse (Secretary)

Marnie Hannagan (Budget Officer)

Bridget Blair (Communications Officer)

Maryna Mews (Professional Development Officer)

Marie Pietersz (Events Officer)

Jane Fitzpatrick (PD subcommittee)

Claire Kelly (PD subcommittee)

Michelle Manly (PD subcommittee)

Michaela Skelly (Communications subcommittee)

As we are a little underweight for subcommittee members, the new committee co-opted former member Sally McInnes at the conclusion of the evening (as an Events subcommittee member).

President Susan Keogh DE 


President's report: Susan Keogh

Past president (I know that sounds odd, but since I printed the name labels, I know – Trischa Mann – that you’re the only one here!), accredited editors and members:

If it seems that it can’t possibly be a year since our last Annual Branch Meeting, that is correct. Last year, the ABM was held in August; this year, we have brought the meeting forward to July for two reasons. Now that we are a branch of IPEd, rather than an incorporated organisation in our own right, we do not have to prepare audited accounts, so we can have our meeting much closer to the start of the financial year. In addition, it also gives us the chance to think about holding an event that can capitalise on the Melbourne Writers Festival – which will now be a task for the next committee.

(I’d just like to emphasise that this no longer an annual general meeting, where you are required to vote on financial statements. The finances are now national, as is the AGM, and our CEO, Karen Lee, will advise you about both later in the year.)


Vice President's report: Susan Pierotti

Freelance lunches report 

Four freelancers’ lunches were held, on 25 September and 29 November 2018 and 21 March and 24 June 2019. As in previous years, they have been held on different days of the week to try to accommodate editors’ varying circumstances. We continue to meet at The Fitz Café in Fitzroy as it is a central location with public transport, and the food is good. They are also generous regarding split bills.

Around 60 editors in total have attended over the last 12 months and the lunch attracts quite a few budding editors, probably because it is a safe environment to check out the industry. Many friendships have begun here.

Topics for discussion have ranged from tips for marketing, pricing, business strategies and how to encourage students to join our vibrant Editors Victoia community, academic editing (just how much help should you give a student whose native language isn’t English?), family and oral history, internships, the conference, and EdVic training.


Secretary's report: Sharon Lierse

This is my first report as Secretary after attending one branch meeting on 11 June. There have been many structural changes with the transformation of IPEd and the revised roles and functions of the state branches. We are at the stage of implementing these changes in the most effective manner for the benefit of all members. If you have any queries or suggestions, you are most welcome to contact me.

Secretary Sharon Lierse


Budget Officer's report: Marnie Hannagan

The main duties of the branch Budget Officer are to:

• submit a branch budget for the financial year, which the national finance officer incorporates into the overall IPEd budget

• ensure that branch expenses are within budget, approved and submitted to the national Finance Officer for payment.

Our branch administration expenses, including branch committee meetings, the ABM, the newsletter and the website, are funded by the national office.

Branch events, such as dinner meetings and professional development workshops, are funded by participants’ fees and we aim to at least break even, and ideally make a surplus.

As you may know, IPEd has had some financial challenges during the past year and the Board has taken various measures to address this.

At the IPEd AGM in October, an increase in membership fees was approved, and the new fees were introduced from January 2019.


Communication Officer's report: Margie Beilharz

[Delivered by Susan Keogh, as Margie Beilharz was overseas in Cornwall]

The Communication team has been Margie Beilharz, Bridget Blair, Helen Efthimiou and Danielle Vecchio. We managed to divide and conquer with each of us taking on tasks of interest:

• Margie oversaw the team, tweeted occasionally and contributed tips and tricks and other articles to the newsletter.

• Bridget took over the Facebook page, which had earlier been managed by Susan Pierotti and Margie.

• Helen Efthimiou organised interviews with editors and even an indexer for the newsletter.

• Danie contributed etymologies and a book review.


Events Officer's report: Marie Pietersz

This year the events program consisted of nine members’ events, two of which had to be cancelled due to low registration numbers. We also tried a number of function centres as our usual city venue, CQ Functions, had increased its charges to a level that was not sustainable with what we could offer to members.

The year began with members of the Events subcommittee comprising Sally Holdsworth and A.J. (Annie) Collins. However, in October, personal commitments saw the resignation of Sally from the sub-committee and health and work commitments meant that Annie was only able to dedicate time to certain tasks. Our President Susan Keogh stepped in to fill in the gap left by Sally in November 2018. Currently, Susan and I comprise the Events subcommittee full-time and we met on two occasions and communicated online for the rest of the time.

Our Events calendar took on a different look and we tried to extend the range of speakers to cover trending and contemporary topics as a change from speakers from commercial companies in the mainstream editing and publishing industries.

We unsuccessfully tried a regional meeting (one of the meetings that had to be cancelled). We are analysing what went wrong here so that we can perhaps try more successfully in the next year.

In the current budgetary climate we are conscious that event costs may have been a deterrent for some members, but please be assured that it is our aim to keep prices as low as possible while having a catered dinner, central and convenient locations and comfortable spaces when choosing our event venues.


Professional Development Officer's report: Maryna Mews

[Delivered by Jane Fitzpatrick as Maryna Mews was unable to attend]

In the past year, the work of the Professional Development subcommittee has been greatly enhanced by the work of first-time committee members, Jane Fitzpatrick and Claire Kelly, who joined Michelle Manly and myself.

In the last 11 months, the subcommittee met five times and eight workshops were run. No workshops were held in April and May because pre-conference workshops were held before the conference and there was an extensive conference program.

Workshops are developed so that training covers the following areas: editing skills, software and technology, and business skills. New workshops are mounted both for the lifelong learning component of professional development and in order to provide opportunities for AEs who need to maintain their accreditation. We are also aware of the need to provide workshops for new members, who may also be new to the editing profession.