April 2012

Society of Editors (Vic) is Getting a Facelift

We have some exciting news. We have undergone a radical facelift. For some time we've had this niggling feeling that our look and feel wasn't as great as it could be. It has served us well for a 40 years, but we wanted more. We wanted a bright, vibrant, functional website and new branding to take the society into  the future. Our website needed intuitive navigation and a three-second page load. We wanted something that yelled from the rooftops how fabulous editors are.


April Dinner Meeting - eBooks and the In-house Editor

Thursday 19 April 2012, 6:30 for 7pm
CQ Functions, 113 Queen Street, CBD

Editors play a vital role in ensuring readers experience quality content, whatever the format; with the rapid rise of the ebook market, editors need to be prepared for this newest change in publishing technology.


March Dinner Meeting Report: Black & Blue: The Writing Editor, with Glenys Osborne

More than 50 people convened on a rainy Thursday evening to hear Glenys Osborne speak about moving from the 'no' of the editor to the 'yes' of her inner writer, and her experience as a literary fiction writer in an increasingly commercial market. As an editor by trade and a writer by choice, Glenys spent over 12 years writing her first novel, Come Inside, an award-winning literary fiction featuring a 'shattered' narrative. With a background in editing educational texts, Glenys pointed out that on the surface, editing and writing share many commonalities and can even overlap, but they are inherently different.


View from Across the Border

Society member Diane Brown returned to South Australia in early December 2011 after living and working in Melbourne for 15 years. She faces new challenges there, and has been busy setting up face-to-face meetings to expand her client base, while retaining my Victorian clients and existing services.

Here, she provides us with her account of attending her first meeting of the SA society and a brief report on the South Australian workshop to review the Standards (ASEP).


Book Review

Janet Mackenzie reviews Just My Type: A Book about Fonts by Simon Garfield.

"Today we can imagine no simpler everyday artistic freedom than that pull-down font
menu. …Twenty years ago we hardly knew them but now we all have favourites.
Computers have rendered us all gods of type."


Freelance Affairs

Following an enjoyable get-together in November 2011, a lunch for freelance members has been pencilled in for Thursday 21 June. Come along and meet fellow freelancers, discuss freelance issues, get away from the desk or buy another book!


Society of Editors Footy Tipping Competition

Are there any frustrated editors out there who want to flaunt their footy knowledge but have no competition to enter? Maybe you're freelance; maybe your workplace just isn't into footy. Either way, our Society of Editors Footy Tipping Competition might just be the thing for you.


IPEd Notes

News from the Institute of Professional Editors Limited
January-February 2012

The IPEd Council met once during the period covered by these notes, on 5 February. The meeting was by teleconference.


Typos and Funnies of the Month

Earlier in the year there was a minor outcry over a major signage faux pas at Myer. Perhaps their sign writers were still drunk on festive cheer at the time?


Dear Ed …

Dear Ed

I'm looking for a skilled, trained and accredited editor to do some editing work for me so that I can get on with more highly paid and productive work. Are you interested in the job? Please look at the attached documents then get back to me.

Rod M. Duplex-Balconette