May 2012

Do Something

I have been out of the country for the past month-and-a-half so am feeling not nearly up-to-date with Australian publishing and editing news. I can report (completely anecdotally and in my snobby voice) that the calibre of books being read on the London Underground tends to be higher than those found on Melbourne's Werribee/Sydenham lines. The Northern line even has massive posters advertising Jeffrey Eugenides' latest novel, The Marriage Plot. One of my favourite authors! In a train station ad! Then there was all that time spent wandering around Bloomsbury ... ah, it is rather too easy to romanticise London's literary merits.


April Dinner Meeting Report: eBooks and the In-house Editor, with Sarah Hazelton

The issue of ebooks is obviously one of great interest among Editors Victoria members, as 118 people came to hear Sarah Hazelton's very informative talk in April. She spoke with extensive knowledge and great confidence as she focussed on the practicalities of editing ebooks, rather than the pros and cons of the form itself.


Wanted: Company Secretary, Institute of Professional Editors Limited

The Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd) invites expressions of interest for the position of Company Secretary. The Secretary services the IPEd Council and Accreditation Board in their work, with outsourced bookkeeping, accounting and legal support. The position will become vacant when the current Secretary retires at the time of the company's 2012 AGM in September. This early notice of the vacancy is for societies of editors' members who are interested in the position.


Competitive Quoting, Freelance Rates & Ethical Practice in Freelance Editing

Macy Redact is a freelance editor1. She has postgraduate qualifications, more than a decade of editing experience and the title of Accredited Editor (AE). This accomplished professional is well regarded in the field, is hard working and racks up many hours of work each week. But Macy is struggling to earn a salary that matches the earnings of her peers. One reason is that Macy is reluctant to promote herself and her expertise, and she avoids talking about money and rates of pay - to her clients and her colleagues. This might be attributed to a lack of confidence and ignorance of marketing and business skills. However, a bigger problem is that Macy is regularly embroiled in the questionable practice of competitive quoting. She is uncomfortable doing it, but feels trapped into undercutting just to get work and keep her head above water financially.

Many of us will identify with Macy.


IPEd Notes

News from the Institute of Professional Editors Limited, March-April 2012

The IPEd Council met twice during the period covered by these notes, on 4 and 31 March. Both meetings were by teleconference.

Barbara Ramsden Award

The Barbara Ramsden Award for excellence in editing is a major literary prize for a book in any field of literature. The award, a joint activity of the Fellowship of Australian Writers (FAW) and IPEd, acknowledges the contribution of the author-editor partnership to the creation of a final work of the highest quality.

The 2011 award winner - a book celebrating Captain William Bligh's extraordinary small-boat journey from Tofua to Timor after the mutiny on the Bounty - was announced at a ceremony on 30 March.


Speakers for National Editors Conference

The conveners of the 6th IPEd National Editors Conference are looking for engaging presenters with relevant and innovative content. Anyone working in the communication industry is welcome to submit an abstract of 300 words for consideration.


Typos and Funnies of the Month

Editors Victoria member Tony Berry submitted this wonderful typo via our Facebook page. Like us, and you can do the same with any typos you spot.


Dear Ed ...

Dear Ed

Here is an obscuriousity for your collection. It was on the label attached to my non-stick frypan, but what does it mean?

Do not overheat your utensil to avoid fumes that could be dangerous for small animals with particularly sensitive respiratory system, like birds.

Obscurely yours,