Dear Ed ...

Dear Ed

How come no-one writes poems about editors?

Yours respectfully,

Lilith of Upwey

Dear Lilith of Upwey,

Oh, but they do! They may not be poems of the 'I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as an editor' ilk, but they are poems, and they are about editors, and some of them even rhyme.

One of the most famous examples is 'Abelard to Eloisa' by Tasmanian poet Gwen Harwood. Harwood was miffed that the Bulletin's poetry editor was taking the indents out of her poems and setting each line justified left, regardless of whether it actually was a new line. She was also miffed that her poems were published in the Bulletin alongside what she felt were inferior poems by male poets, so she sent in the poem 'Abelard to Eloisa' under the pen name Walter Lehmann.

It was only after publication that anyone realised that the first letter of each line of 'Abelard to Eloisa' spelt out an acrostic sentence about editors and what they could do with themselves.

You can google it to find out the salacious detail: I love seeing people's faces lit up by something other than the glow from a computer monitor. And in the underground bunker that is Google HQ, Gwen Harwood will briefly become a hot search item.

So there you have it: poem, poet, editor, all in one answer. It might not be the answer you were hoping for, but it is an answer.

Acrostically yours,