We Say Goodbye to ...

Several committee members stepped down at the AGM. We say fond farewells to newsletter co-editor Kirsten Rawlings, and our newsletter proofreader Nonie Sadler; our website manager Irina Fainberg; and our immediate past president Melanie Dankel.

Kirsten Rawlings - Newsletter Editor

Kirsten Rawlings joined the committee two years ago and has worked tirelessly to shepherd the newsletter though a number of huge changes in format and style, including building the newsletter template into the new website. Not only has the look of the newsletter changed over that time, but Kirsten and her fellow editor, Melanie Sheridan, have added a stack of new features, such as Word Wide Web, Etymology, Style Counsel, and a regular introduction from the eds. Kirsten has contributed not only her time and talent to the newsletter and the committee, but also her vision and passion.

Nonie Sadler - newsletter proofreader

While not a member of the committee, Nonie volunteered to proofread the newsletter and has done so carefully and diligently for the past four years. Proofing a newsletter for editors, written and edited by editors, is not easy! Nonie has seen it through two format changes: from a laid-out print version to the introduction of an e-newsletter, to the current e-newsletter/website version.  She has worked with four newsletter editors and all agree on Nonie's quiet diligence and her super-speedy turnaround - every month, when the editors were tearing their hair out to meet the deadline, she would calmly drop everything to proof the newsletter in record time.  She has been truly professional and wonderful to work with.

Irina Fainberg - Website Manager

When Irina Fainberg, Editors Victoria's website manager, joined the committee, she hit the ground running with a proposal to update our society's image and improve the functionality of the website. She spent many hours with the website developers as they worked their way through the various stages, and at each committee meeting we could see that she had spent a lot of time and energy on this project. Irina managed our rebranding venture, which involved the complete redevelopment of our main focus, the website and its functionality. Editors Victoria thank her most sincerely for her unstinting effort and involvement. We wish her well and are incredibly proud of the website achievement. We thank Irina for all her leadership and work in this area.

Melanie Dankel - Immediate Past President

We thanked Melanie last year when she stepped down as president in 2011 and awarded her an Outstanding Service Award. At the AGM, we thanked her again as she leaves the committee officially after serving the membership for seven years in a variety of committee roles. As immediate past president, Mel could have sat back and relaxed, but that's not Mel's style. Mel has helped enormously with big-picture things like organising our strategy day and taking part in many meetings to discuss directional and constitutional changes. Mel is a brilliant manager whose skills have been highly valued and are very much part of our development as Editors Victoria. Even though she now has no official place on our committee, we will continue to rely on her knowledge and expertise. Many thanks, Mel, for your wonderful contribution.